About The Healthy Dancer

The mission of The Healthy Dancer Blog is to aid the development of intelligent, thinking, healthy dancers and to draw attention to ways that dancers can improve their technique through cross-training, better nutrition and body awareness.

What Dance Educators are Saying About The Healthy Dancer:

"I am very impressed with your blog...I think my students could definitely benefit from the information you present." - Sonya from North Carolina

"I am so glad for your blog so that young dancers today don't have to rely on old wives tales!" - Cheryl from Connecticut

"Thank you for all of your blogs regarding eating disorders. I share these with the parents of my dancers each week as this is a very important topic for dancers, athletes and everyone in general. Your blogs have been a great tool for me to educate parents and to keep them engaged in this issue. " - Bonnie from Illinois

Diana Dart Harris - Blog Creator and Author
Holding a B.A. in Dance Education and an M.S. in Exercise Science, Diana has taught dance in both private and public schools for the past twenty years and has been a community theater choreographer since 1989. From 2005-2010, Diana served as the Principal of New Haven Ballet’s Satellite Studio, acted as New Haven Ballet's Interim Administrative Director in 2010, and directed New Haven Ballet's 2010 Nutcracker. In 2012 she received a grant from the Guilford Fund for Education to develop and implement a curriculum that used dance to teach geometry to second graders and has directed a dance outreach program for fourth graders since 2006. Her interests lie in educating the whole dancer, and she has developed a curriculum to educate dancers and teachers about eating disorders. She serves on the boards of Connecticut Dance Alliance and New England Ballet Company, and is a member of both the National Dance Education Organization and the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science. She currently teaches at New England Ballet, Starship Dance, The Montessori School of Madison and the University of New Haven, and is a Reiki Practitioner. Diana believes that all dancers should be healthy ones and that dance can benefit everyone.