The following Lectures/Workshops are available.  All workshops are 1½ hours in length.  A one-hour presentation is followed by 30 minutes of question and answer.  Please email for date availability and fee information.

Here are some photos from a week of Healthy Dancer Workshops on Injury Prevention, Strength & Conditioning for Dancers & Nutrition at Dance Unlimited


Effective Warm-Ups, Conditioning & Stretching Techniques for the Dancer 
This workshop provides information to create stronger, healthier dancers through conditioning and strength training.

Nutrition for Dancers    
This workshop addresses using food to fuel dancers’ bodies.  The presentation includes information on balanced eating, nutrition for optimal dancer health and the effects of sugar and post-exercise oxidation.  Also discussed are calcium needs and bone density concerns, the need for proper hydration and the role of “super” supplements and vitamins in today’s diet.  Suggestions for healthy meals and snacking are offered.

Everything You Need to Know About Dancing on Pointe
This workshop answers the questions of when pointe training should begin and why.  It provides a brief history of pointe work, information on determining if a student is ready for pointe work and a discussion of bone development.  Participants are given information on pointe shoe fittings, proper care and sewing of pointe shoes, and how to care for feet when dancing in pointe shoes.

Injury Prevention, Care, & Treatment 
A workshop filled with information about muscles, tendons and ligaments and the role they play in movement.  Participants learn about the dangers of muscular imbalances and dancing without properly warming-up.  Information is offered about the various types of injuries that dancers may experience and what to do and what not to do when an injury occurs.  

Integrating Dance Into The Public School Curriculum
 This workshop presents the rationale and benefits of integrating dance into various school curricula.  It provides a framework for designing a program, working with public school teachers, implementing the program and designing assessments.